so let go (sydneygrey) wrote in myboyfriendowns,
so let go

1. Your name and his name? Dana & Jason
2. Years together? 1 year
3. Place met? Mutual friend; he picked me up at the airport cuz my friend bailed on me
4. Why do you love him? Companionship, affection, sense of humor, road trips, sometimes he makes me feel very special. He's the protective older brother type. Sexy jaw, sexy arms, and excellent cuddler.

I love him, but he's too social and outgoing for me. He's flirtatious and everyone craves his attention. I can't compete much longer. It's really hard to love something that you know you can't hold down long. But I made it one year...

I can only hope that if I tell myself that loving once is enough to last the rest of my life, then I won't feel so bad when he's gone and I won't feel the need to find replacements.

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