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HI everyone :)

1. Your name and his name? Cristina, Jonathan
2. Years together? 2 years, 8 months
3. Place met? High school orchestra
4. Why do you love him? Jonathan is amazing, fascinating, and absolutely adorable all at once. He is a bit of a goth, with a sexy dark side, and basically is extremely different from anyone else I've ever met (and not afraid to be different)... and at the same time does the cutest things and makes the cutest faces. He's also really really sexy. :) On top of this, I trust him with my entire life and we are absolute best friends.

I'm really glad I found this community, it's perfect for me. I love hearing about and meeting other long-term couples. Sometimes people who've never been in a long-term relationship scoff at how seriously I take mine, because they don't understand what it's like to be in one and be so in love, so it's always a great thing to find the rare people around my age group who ARE in a relationship lasting over one year. :D
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