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just joined...

my name:: carolina // his name:: rodrigo // years together:: apprx. 1yr/3mnths

place we met:: i met him through my our neighborhood...but the first time i layed eyes on him was that one day i was sitting in front of his building w/ my friends....and right away he caught my i asked my friends to call him and ask him something. so i could see up close. and oh man. i melted right there.he's so beautiful.

why i luv him:: he isn't just my boyfriend he's my friend..i have infinate trust in him..he's open minded and isn't much like others i've met. he's the only one that can actually make me feel beautiful. he makes me happy to be alive,he can turn my world around w/ just one i luv you. he's amazing.    

heres a pic of muh baby...

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