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i heart my boyfriend
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My Boyfriend Owns

This community was created just for the girls that are in a long term relationship. Being in a long term relationship has its many ups and downs. Here you can share us your ideas, pictures, rants, questions, comments about your relationship with your boyfriend.

This is sort of like a support group for long term relationships.

x. Must be in a relationship for at least 1 year.
x. You may post only one 320x240 picture in the front and the rest goes behind the lj-cut.
x. If the story gets too long, please put the rest behind an lj-cut too.
x. You will not make rude comments.

First Posts
Please write an introduction of you and yours. Be sure to answer these questions:

1. Your name and his name?
2. Years together?
3. Place met?
4. Why do you love him?

and any photos would be great too =)

This community is runned by _sexaholic & peapea
If you have any questions just let us know.
Please do not SPAM!

Now that you read the rules, what are you waiting for? Join! ^.^